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What should I decide before buying my tickets?
The day, sector and the ticket type (whether you want to stay on the bleachers, on one of the allocated Private Chairs, sit in a box, in a luxury suit or club in the Party Lounge).

For which day should I buy my tickets?
The best and most important parading nights are Sunday and Monday parade, when the biggest and best samba schools parade are (the Main Parades). The two days are similar in terms of set-up and quality. 6 of the best 12 samba schools in the First League (the Special Group) march on both days.
The Champions’ Parade is another good option if you want to see only the six best samba schools of the 2018 Rio Carnival.

Is it the same show on Sunday and Monday?
Different schools march on the Carnival Sunday and Monday, which are the two main parading days. Thus the show is different. See the 2018 Parading Order & Schedule to decide for the day, depending on which schools you want to watch.

Shall I go for an odd or an even-numbered sector?
Even-numbered sectors 02, 04, 06 and 08 have recently been built. Although they offer the same view as the opposite odd-numbered ones, they offer newer facilities and access to a special area where live music is played.

As a tourist, am I obliged to buy tickets for sector 09?
Although Sector 09 is generally known as “The tourist Sector”, feel free to order any kind of ticket available on our dedicated Samba Parade ticket page.

Are the seats numbered and allocated?
Yes, but only all front box, sector 09 grandstand seats anfd the Private Chairs in sector 12 and 13 are numbered seats. All other grandstands offer free seating, without allocated places where the first-come-first-served principle applies.

Which are the very best tickets?
The Super Lounge Covered Box and Luxury Suites have by far the best seats in the Carnival Sambadrome and its All Inclusive service. Those tickets are covered boxes with the best view, at an elevated level.
Our Luxury Suites are air-conditioned and offer VIP treatment with sumptuous buffet supper where two butlers per suite serve up drinks the whole night through. You will be among the ultimate “A” crowd here.
Our special extra security guard at the entrance of our suites provide an added level of security granting admission only to our VIP guests with tickets for that suite.
The Open Front Boxes in front of most sectors are also excellent. Consider raw C or D for a better viewpoint at a slightly elevated level. As Brazilians prefer raws right on the samba runway, raw A is more pricey.

Which tickets are still available?
All tickets still available to order appear on our dedicated Samba Parade ticket page. Feel free to order them.

Are there any child or student discounts?
Children under 5 are not allowed to attend the Samba Parade at Sambadrome Stadium. Children over 5 have to pay the full price. Only brazilians students who buy their tickets in a specific place has the discount rights.

Do I need to give you the name whom the ticket is for?
Although we keep ticket orders under the Account Holder’s name, the tickets are not issued with and do not bear that name.

How do I know if my ticket order is accepted and booked?
When your payment is successful and 48hours, you will receive a Ticket Rio Voucher with your order details trhough the register e-mail.

How and when will I receive my tickets?
You can collect all your items from our Visitors’ Reception Center for free during the carnival week. We have 2 options locations: Barra or Copacabana.

Can you send tickets to my home address?
We do not ship the tickets or delivery them. You must to collect them at our offices locations.

Is it safe in the Rio Sambadrome?
It is considered to be the safest place in South America. There is a very high concentration of international celebrities, politicians and royalties among the crowd. It is surrounded by huge perimeter fencing which no-one can pass without being checked for both, safety, security and commercial reasons. All sectors are equally safe. To get there, you should consider the Sambodromo Round Transfer service, to safeguard your valuables.

When does the show start?
The parades start at 21:15. See the 2020 Parading Schedule.

When is the best time to arrive for the Parade?
Particularly if you hold a grandstand ticket with no assignment, you should arrive early. By 20h is a good time but we cannot predict how soon everyone will get there. This way you have good chances to sit where you please.

How can I get there with comfort and safety and return home?
The best and easiest way to get to the Sambadrome to watch the Samba Parade is the Sambadrome Round Transfer. It has been especially set up to facilitate ticket holders’ transfer to and from the Sambadrome on Carnival days when roads around the Sambadrome are closed and traffic comes to a standstill.
It is designed to give you direct, quick and safe access to the Sambodromo.
Taxis operate with an increased fare table and cannot get very close.
Avoid taking buses as they cannot arrive within walking distance.